Migrating to Later Releases

This page describes guidance for updating a user’s build environment and processes from those required to use a previous EWAOL release, to instead setup and use a later EWAOL release, as part of a migration process.

Details of the EWAOL release process can be found at Codeline Management, and a summary of each release can be found at Changelog & Release Notes.

The following migration guidance is described such that the required changes are with respect to the previous EWAOL release. The processes are categorized according to the associated section of the user-guide documentation.

To v1.0

After following the below guidance to transition to EWAOL v1.0, boot the resulting image to run and validate the release.

EWAOL Reproduce Migration

Build Host Setup

  • The list of essential packages and package versions for the associated release of the Yocto Project was updated. Refer to the list of essential packages documentation to ensure the necessary packages are installed and upgraded to support the migration.

  • The supported version of the kas build tool was updated to 3.1. See Build Host Environment Setup for guidance on installing this version of kas.


  • To migrate to v1.0, it is necessary to download that version of the meta-ewaol repository source. To do this, either clone the repository into a new directory by following the instructions given in Download, or update the existing local repository by switching to the v1.0 tag using Git.


  • The kas configuration files provided to build and customize EWAOL distribution images have been updated, and it is necessary to supply them to the kas build tool in a particular order. Therefore, to build the later version of EWAOL, refer to the Build Documentation.

  • If working from an existing local meta-ewaol repository that was switched to the v1.0 release but has artifacts remaining from previous builds, ensure that there are no locally staged changes to the dependent layers so that the kas build tool can successfully update them.


  • v1.0 introduces new types of EWAOL distribution images, and the resulting filenames and paths are therefore different than previous releases. Check the Build and Deploy sections of the release documentation for the new filenames produced during the build, and which should be deployed to the target platform.

EWAOL Extend Migration


  • If migrating to EWAOL v1.0 as part of porting to a custom or unsupported target platform, it is necessary to change the existing custom kas configuration file for the target platform to use the correct kas configuration files, and supply them with the correct ordering in the includes YAML section. In addition, the meta-ewaol repository definition must be set to use the v1.0 release tag in refspec:. See Porting for details of the necessary configuration.