This section of the User Guide describes how to extend EWAOL in order to configure and build it for deployment on custom or unsupported target platforms, via kas.

Porting EWAOL to a Custom or Unsupported Target Platform via kas

To build an EWAOL distribution image that targets an externally defined target platform using meta-ewaol, a kas configuration file must be defined and added to the external Yocto BSP or application layer. For example, my-machine.yml (where my-machine is the MACHINE name of the custom or unsupported target platform) defined in a custom BSP layer meta-my-bsp-layer should have the following structure to build a baremetal distribution image:

  version: 11
    - repo: meta-ewaol
      file: meta-ewaol-config/kas/baremetal.yml
    - repo: meta-ewaol
      file: meta-ewaol-config/kas/tests.yml


    url: https://gitlab.com/soafee/ewaol/meta-ewaol.git
    refspec: kirkstone-dev

machine: my-machine

This example kas configuration file for the my-machine target platform defines the Yocto project configuration build via the kas configuration files that are added in the includes section. These inclusions can be customized in order to build a different image. For example, to build a virtualization distribution image with run-time validation tests, include meta-ewaol-config/kas/virtualization.yml instead of meta-ewaol-config/kas/baremetal.yml in the above example.

Images for my-machine can then be built using this example kas configuration file by running the following kas command:

kas build --update meta-my-bsp-layer/my-machine.yml